Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Simply Devotional

The last couple of days God has given me the promptings and alertness to make time with Him my first priority of the morning. I tend to be the type that overdoes and over plans EVERYTHING!
You know, morning devotion had to be with a hot cup of tea; sitting in my recliner; complete silence of sleeping children; and very early in the morning so that I could completely focus on my bible reading and study for a solid 45 minutes.

Yeah right!

Yep, you guessed it. It almost NEVER happened. And so I just kept feeling guilty.

But then it hit me that I could do more than nothing.
I started by implementing the repeat method with the shortest book in the bible. After all surely I could read 14 verses at least a few times a day.
Then I realized that I could do this very easily first thing upon waking.
So now I keep my compact bible next to my bed. Sometimes I'm nursing baby, or have kids bouncing on the bed but in this very simple easy way I can meet with my Lord first thing. And sometimes I bend my knees next to my bed and converse for just a few moments before the craziness starts.

Another lesson learned....simple is best!

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  1. this is an area I struggle with too.. I'm wanting to try and memorize some scriptures, but I don't because it seems kinda scary! Maybe I'll try your method!

    Swing by today if you get the chance. I host a blog carnival each Thursday about JOY -- I bet you have a lot of that!


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