Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Squidoo lenses that excite me

Make your Own Notebooking Pages

Creating Geography Treasure Boxes

Using Drawing with Children

Native American Crafts & Activities

I have found notebooking resources for the book Seabird and Pagoo which we will be using in Year 2 of Ambleside Online this next year but I am wanting to try one for the Tree in the Trail book as well. I haven't found any notebooking pages for that book yet so I will be attempting to make my own in the next few weeks.
I really like the idea of the geography treasure boxes as well. My little sis will be a short-term missionary in Kenya next year so I will be incorporating a unit study style of learning for our family while she is away. I'm planning on focusing on Africa as a whole and then zeroing in on Kenya. It should work out nice since we will be reading about David Livingstone as well.

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