Monday, June 9, 2008

Watercolor Lessons

Thanks to Amanda at Hearts & Trees the kids and I are learning watercolor painting techniques. This afternoon after quiet time we all sat down to try out Lesson #1 for ourselves.

I was blessed to snag several pads of "rough" texture watercolor paper at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.79 from $4.99 and then picked up a nice set of paints for myself and several nicer brushes for the kids to use. I think I will grab a couple nicer sets for the kids so that they can reap better results next time we sit down to paint.

Alissa, Thomas and Emily shared a set of paints on the table and did their best to follow my instructions and then enjoyed experimenting on their own.

Emily practicing painting hearts

Alissa working on the graded wash

Thomas painting shapes

William watching the action and wanting to join in

Say "Cheese"!

Thomas's flat wash
Alissa's Flat wash

My Graded wash (top) and Flat wash (bottom)

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