Monday, June 9, 2008

Children's Book Monday

The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel
by: Thornton W. Burgess

This is one book in a whole line of tales about various woodland and pond creatures. These were first recommended to me through "Little Hearts for His Glory" and the children and I have enjoyed each and every book over the past year that we have been reading them.
The chapters are short but jam-packed full of adventure. We are currently reading about Chatterer and it has been our favorite so far.
As you can imagine this little red squirrel gets into a bundle of trouble but manages to learn little bits of character along the way. I have been using these books instead of Aesop's Fables for Alissa and Thomas to narrate from and they enjoy sharing in and retelling all the silly capers our little friend gets into.
I also like that these are nature stories and helps bring to life the animals that we see around town and our yard. They've even named one of the squirrels that frequents our bird feeders "Chatterer".
If you have an avid intermediate reader these books will fit the bill well for length of chapters and interesting topics.

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