Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garden Learning

Tonight Alissa and I went out to pick lettuce for supper out of our garden and low and behold we got a surprise!

We found two little Cabbage Loopers hiding underneath the leaves! The first one we plucked off and squished but the second one we scooped up on the end of a wooden spoon and spent the next few minutes observing it. The kids enjoyed watching it loop around and grab onto things. We held a bunch of flowers up to it and it grabbed ahold of them and crawled around. Lots of fun and a chance to learn too.
During supper while eating the lettuce (yummy) I asked the kids to "tell" daddy about our find. Of course they didn't know it but they were narrating our science/nature lesson!

Since we were having spaghetti for supper I took Thomas out with me to pick some fresh basil for our sauce as well and although he didn't want to taste it he did smell it:) Two leaves were sufficient to add a nice flavor to our sauce.

I took the time to talk to Alissa about the reason for having our own garden (saves money, food is healthier) and we had a good chat about eating healthy and conserving our resources to save money.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."


  1. Thanks for contributing to the CM Blog Carnival.


  2. Next year I'm SO going to grow lettuce and such! I have never tried to grow my own salad, just the yummy tomatoes I love to add to it! And I love "sneaky" narration like you had your kids do for dad. Thanks for sharing!


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