Sunday, February 3, 2008

Children's Book Monday

Seven Loaves of Bread
by Ferida Wolff & Katie Keller

What a delightfully fun time we had reading this book. Even Wesley enjoyed it and sat still while I was reading it to them. It did help that he was on the "potty chair" at the time, lol.

It is the story of two sisters Milly & Rose (who only works as hard as she has to). Milly displays generosity, kindness, and love to those around her by baking seven loaves of bread every morning and giving them to the people and animals in her life who help her out. But what happens when Milly gets sick and Rose must take over the farm?
Rose learns from trial and error that to give is to receive and that sometimes the less we work the harder our work gets.
My children loved looking at the bright, detailed pictures and enjoyed this character filled story of the benefit of working hard and being kind to those around us.


  1. That sounds like a really super book! Thanks for the review.



  2. A sweet story with a lesson- I love it!
    I'm so glad you joined us- thank you for the review! I shall add it to my lengthy library holds list immediately... :)


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