Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook - March 16, 2010

FOR TODAY.....March 16, 2010

Outside my window...Cloudy, again. Cool and a bit breezy. Maybe later today the sun will come out and brighten things up a bit.

I am thinking...am I? Not sure. For some reason I couldn't go to sleep until around 1a.m. this morning and Sadie was restless last night but surprisingly I'm not too foggy. 

I am thankful for...God's patience with me. I am so thick-headed it seems and very, very selfish but God continues to love and draw me and teach me His ways.

From the learning rooms...Due to time change we are running late all day long. It's 12:42 and lunch hasn't happened yet, it's in the crockpot but I didn't get it there until 11 so it's almost there. Yesterday we managed to get Circle Time done but the rest of the day was spent in cleaning up. Today we didn't get started until 11 so we have a bit to do this afternoon.

From the kitchen...It's clean! I've got lots of hamburger to cook up and cream to turn to butter and chicken to freeze and broth to freeze and, and, and,

I am wearing...black yoga pants, pink sweatshirt and since I haven't found sock yet I'm still in my slippers.

I am creating...school work files for the kids.

I am going...nowhere for a bit, need to work on taxes for the next couple of days first.

I am reading...the book of Matthew, Merry adventures of Robin Hood, Raising Godly Tomatoes, Don't make me count to Three.

I am hoping...to get laundry caught up today and to caulk around the bottom of my toilet so that when it overflows it no longer pours potty water all over my clean baskets of laundry like it did this morning. Sigh.

I am hearing...Adventures in Odyssey on the internet, El Rushbo on the radio and Emily skating in the livingroom.

Around the house...the boys are making houses and forts out of the couch cushions.

One of my favorite things...hot steamy chai tea with lots of cream, I happen to be out of chai tea at the moment so of course I'm craving it!

A few plans for the rest of the week: laundry, cooking, taxes, school planning.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
My girls!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your daybook and checking out both your blogs ~ Very nice! =)


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