Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seeing what we are Reading - Burgess Animal Book

In following year 2 of Ambleside we have been reading the Burgess Animal Book for Children. Well, okay, we've been listening to it thanks to Librivox.
I wanted the kids to be able to picture the animals that we have been reading about so I went searching and found a great picture album put together by Lindafay on shutterfly. The only problem was that I had to search through the whole thing to find the correct pictures and I kind of wanted something a bit more detailed.
So I created my own album.
I'm not quite finished yet but so far I'm liking how it's working. I've made an album for each of the chapters in the book with the same title so that I can just click on the chapter we are listening to and look at the pictures of those animals. I've also tried to listen to each chapter with the kids and make sure that the pictures I have chosen correspond well with the description Mother Nature provides for us in the book.
Check it out and see what you think.

Burgess Animal Book Pics

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