Monday, May 4, 2009

Utilizing Yahoo Groups for your CM Homeschool

I am continually amazed at the amount and wealth of information that is available through the internet these days! While I have not even begun to tap all of the resources listed through Ambleside Online I have found even another outlet of amazing information through YahooGroups.

I highly recommend searching out these groups as well as using the Yahoo search tool to find other groups you might be interested in. I found several just by typing in "Charlotte Mason" and "Ambleside".

Here is a list of the groups that I have joined:

This may seem like a lot but not every group has a ton of activity and I always opt for the daily digest emails so that my inbox does not become too overloaded. I usually just scan the titles of each digest and if I'm interested in a particular post I click on that link. Also, I rarely post on these, mostly just glean information from others and utilize the files sections. The FILES are where I have found many wonderful treasures. Not every group will have files to access but a lot of them do and they are well worth your time to investigate.

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