Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a Nature Walk looks like for us

It's been awhile since we have gotten over to the arboretum.
Combine sporadic weather with a tired distracted pregnant mama and some things just don't happen. The problem is that this is one that should happen more often!
I can't say nature walks are all that refreshing for me right now but the kids have so much fun hiking the trails and running around those wide open spaces that I just simply must make going a priority.
I have set aside Fridays as a break from schoolwork and a day to catch up and go on outings, but I've ranked cleaning the house as much higher a priority than taking the kids out. Not good.
So here's a pledge to do better and to blog about our nature time to help keep me accountable.

Eating lunch before our hike. We sat in the Oak circle this time.

At the start of our hike. Wesley really enjoyed all of the bridges on this trail, 6 in all!

Waiting for slow-poke mom to catch up.

A surprise along the way.

Tom wanting a close up of his flower.

And that's all folks! We had a good time and enjoyed the exercise and change of scenery. This mama's bladder doesn't hold out for more than a couple of hours right now but it's worth the effort.

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