Monday, March 2, 2009

Year 1, Term 2 EXAM WEEK

This past week was the end of our 2nd term and the first exam week that we've done. At first I was rather intimidated by the idea of an exam time and frankly a bit scared that it would reveal that my kids have in fact learned nothing, but after this 2nd term I've gotten past those fears and forged ahead to try our hands at this thing.

I got ideas for questions from the exam questions listed at Ambleside and from Jacci's post about exams.

I can't say that I was super creative but I tried to cover all the subjects and get a good feel for what has been retained and understood, and what will need a bit more work.

The subjects of art study and composer/music study I will be slowing up a bit and focusing on just 1 of each this 3rd term. Alissa was able to recall some but Tom was pretty baffled.

It was interesting to see how the gender differences came out with both Tom and Ali. Ali was very descriptive with the stories but struggled on the math end and Tom wizzed through the math but struggled with recalling more than the basics from our readings. I'm not really sure how I'll address this on a daily level other than to keep gently pushing Tom for more descriptive narrations. It may also help for me to become consistent with recording their narrations on the computer or giving them other alternatives to oral narrations i.e. acting out, drawing etc.

All in all I am satisfied with how our first exam week has gone. We didn't get all the questions finished so will be tying them up this week. One thing that I did struggle with was that our schedule fell apart and at the end of the week I was exhausted, the house was a disaster and I had accomplished absolutely nothing in the way of extra cleaning and organizing projects. I think it would work much better to maintain the same daily school schedule but just insert the exam questions instead of the usual school work. I guess I've got 12 weeks to figure that one out!

I made up 2 sets of questions, one for each child, and kept them in Microsoft Word and then typed their answers in the proper places. I will be printing them out and filing them away as soon as we get them all finished. I think we only have a couple left.

Without further ado, here are the questions:

Bible Lessons

1. Tell me about Moses & the Ten Commandments

2. Tell me about Joseph & His brothers


1. There is Power in the Blood

Nature History

1. Describe 2 birds & what you have noticed about them.

2. Describe the nicest walk you have had this term? What did you find?


1. Draw the shape of Lake Superior or Lake Michigan.
2. Tell something about Britain. Where is it?


1. Answer questions on pages 38, 39 & 40.
2. Do math question sheet.

(these were tests from Ray's Arithmetic parents guide)

Picture Talk

1. Describe the picture you liked the most from this term.


1. Tell about an Aesop tale that you liked.


1. Tell the story of King Arthur

2. Tell me about the Giant’s Dance


1. Read a passage for dad.


1. What piece did you like best from this term’s music you have heard? Why?

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