Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting ready for the baby!

Well as I get nearer and nearer to my due date and getting my first glimpse of the baby that I'm carrying I start thinking of those things that are helpful for postpartum recovery and for the year of breastfeeding ahead of us.

Here are the few items that I have purchased, will be purchasing or am just placing on a wishlist:)

Mama's Milk Tea - Bulk Herb Store
(increase the amount and nutrition of you milk)

Belly Bandit
(get back to your pre-pregnancy size sooner!)

4-in-1 Nursing Shawl - L'ovedbaby
(see a great review about this item at SAGE & SAVVY)

Babysafe Crib Mattress Cover
(learn more about the connection between SIDS and crib mattresses at STOPSIDSNOW)

Bumgenius All-in-One Cloth Diaper
(I love these especially when your out and about)

Nursing Tank Top - Glamourmom

Cotton Nursing Pads and Bra - Milk Diapers
(see review of the nursing pads at SAGE & SAVVY)

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