Monday, February 23, 2009

Exam Week

We have just finished Term 2 of Year 1 so will be using this week as our exam week. And since I've got some cleaning projects that are in need of attention we'll also be focusing on doing some deep cleaning in at least 1 room each day and hopefully I'll even get down to the basement to put away last summer's clothes and see what will be needed for this next year!
I've also managed to get all of the kiddos scheduled for dental checkups this week too, so we'll be in town a bit more than usual.
Hmm, now that I think of it this would be a good week to get taxes wrapped up and taken into be filed. I think I'd better make a list of all this or I'll get to the end of the week having accomplished very little.
I'll be playing around on this blog to see if I can get it looking like I want it too but feel free to drop by any time.

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