Friday, May 16, 2008

Dandelion Wine-God's perspective on Life's weeds

I sit here after reading Ann @ Holy Experience "Dandelion Wine" post with goose-bumps on my arms and tears in my eyes.
The Holy Spirit has moved through her words.

I have been fighting, complaining, whining, and gnashing my teeth at the "cup" that God has brought my way for the last year.
I've demanded it's removal,
I've begged pleaded and angrily cried "why me".
And yet these physical problems remain, unanswered by doctors.

I see now as I've not wanted to see before.
This is my cup.

I pray for the refiners fire, yet I wail at it's burning.
I pray for pruning, yet I run from the pain.

He is answering my prayers,
I will no longer fight and run
but step forward and embrace what only my omnipotent, loving Father could give me.

I too, will take dandelion wine.

step by step,

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