Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week 4

Supplication/Mercy - earnest prayer, entreaty

Heard - attentively, diligently discern, give ear

Mercy (dictionary) - price paid, compassion, relief of distress

How blessedly true this verse has been for me recently. It seems that daily I am crying out for mercy in the dailiness of life.

  • God give me patience through math

  • God I need Your strength & alertness through breakfast

  • Jesus I need wisdom for Phonics

  • Help! I have no inspiration for supper

These cries seem so utterly menial and meaningless and yet we have His word telling us that he "diligently and attentively listens" for our voice and cries.

While pondering on this verse I hit upon something that I hadn't taken note of previously.

God has sent revival to my soul and spirit in the last few weeks and renewed my hunger & thirst for Him, and in doing so I have needed to call on Him continually because I know with clarity that I can't.

Not just I can't do, I can't find, I can't know but simply I can't.

For my heart is "desperately wicked" outside of Christ. He is the One who can in all things.

What is even more amazing is that I will never outgrow Him, the closer I am to Him the more I "cry" for mercy because His glory reveals my depravity.



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