Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Flab

Anybody else feel the need to trim things up a bit?

Yes, my waistline is in dire need of this but mostly I'm talking in school/home terms.
Somehow my bookshelves have multiplied and even though I have 5 boxes of packed away books in my basement my 2 bookshelves are overflowing!

I'm sure it has nothing to do with my inability to pass by my libraries used book corner......seriously, can you pass up a 50 cent copy of a favorite or needed book? I can't.

Thankfully, after much prayer and thinking God inspired me and I was able to rearrange our livingroom so that I can squeeze in a couple more bookshelves.
Now just need to actually get those shelves......have to talk to hubby about this one:)

I'm hoping to organize my shelves kind of like a library does...not dewey decimal but more along the lines of a shelf for each year in Ambleside. We'll see what I actually manage to get done.

Here are some different ideas for how other moms have organized their "space".

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(I could probably keep going all night just to avoid exercising but, for my children's sake I had better knock this off!)

How do you keep it all together?
Do you wing it?
Do you have a "school room"?
Are you drowning?
Does your space flow well?


  1. Jessica, we have a school room with a few bookshelves (altogether 14 shelves) and they are all full. Not everything is books, however; there are two shelves of crafts kits and the like. My books are sort of organized into subjects: math books here, history books there, reference books over there, three shelves of literature. . . I can usually find what I need with very little trouble, so I'll leave things as they are. For now, anyway!

    Best, Ellen

  2. We have very little space. But the books get priority! When we moved into our little apartment, we got rid of our beds and our dining room table but brought the bookcases! (And bought another one!)

    I have our shelves done by years--ancient history, American history, earth science, etc... The years we are not working on are off limits because my daughter would read everything immediately.

    Then we have the reading bookcase where everyone has their own shelf with their books to read for fun. Everyone is allowed to read from their shelf and from all the shelves below theirs. That's all.

    And although we got rid of the dining table, we kept the school table. :) That holds the pencils, markers, etc. and the space for a sprawl of books during school hours and for scraps of crafts during off school hours.


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