Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WFMW-Bathroom organizing

Sometimes it take awhile for me to figure out how best to use organizers. But after a couple of years of these baskets sitting around with no particular use, I finally hit upon an idea that has worked.
Years of having brushes on the bathroom counter and hair paraphernalia in a hard-to-open drawer has made this carrier so helpful. I divide the brushes, hair elastics and barrettes into each separate slot so that everything is easy to find and grab when needed. I keep this on a shelf in the bathroom cupboard under the sink.
(I do have more brushes than is shown but a couple of long-haired children tend to wander off with them and not return)

Although daddy keeps his brush separate to avoid sharing with the kiddos this has helped so much in keeping the kids' toothbrushes from ending up on the floor or the counter smeared in toothpaste. This also sits under the sink on a shelf. Yes, my toothbrush is also in that mix somewhere but a few minutes of running under hot water before use does away with any phobias I might have:)

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