Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday.....on Wednesday

eggs & english muffins
baked oatmeal
eggs & toast
coffee cake

hot dogs, chips, fruit
sandwiches, carrots & celery
goulash, salad
crockpot spaghetti, green beans, french bread
hot dogs, veggies
fried potatoes with ham, green beans
pot roast, potatoes, carrots, salad (Sunday Lunch)

abc soup, french bread
enchiladas, corn, green beans
au gratin potatoes, peas & carrots
pepperoni pizza, salad
baked beans, cornbread, salad
biscuits & gravy, fruit

frozen fruit cups
coffee cake
oatmeal raisin bars
popcorn & fruit

My goal today and tomorrow is to bake and prep some food ahead of time to make the flow of meal making a bit easier.
I'm hoping to:
brown hamburger, make biscuit mix, cut up veggies & freeze, bake french bread, freeze pizza crust, shred cheese, make cornbread mix, make frozen fruit cups, bake & freeze muffins, bake oatmeal raisin bars & some cookies, make coffee cake mix.

Right now this list seems impossibly long considering that I can not walk through one room in my house without tripping over something. And of course since I've spent the last hour that Sadie has been sleeping on the computer instead of cleaning it may take a bit to get started! But I do feel better and more focused just by having this all written down and planned so that is success.

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