Friday, April 17, 2009

Month 8 - On the home stretch!

This pregnancy has reached the final stages and I am getting very excited to meet this new little one and to frankly be done being pregnant for awhile:)

This baby has been very active but has started to settle down a bit and even get into a routine! He/She usually wakes up shortly after I do and spends a couple hours bumping around and getting comfortable and then is quiet until early afternoon and wakes up for several hours to "visit" and then gets really active right after the other kids go to bed! Should be interesting to see if this continues after he/she is born.

I am at week 33 now and usually go on my due date or a bit late. Thankfully we will be wrapping up school a few weeks prior to this so that there is a bit of breathing room to finish preparing food and house for the new arrival.

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