Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our HomeSchool Room

Just a few weeks into the beginning of the 2008/2009 school year I realized that we needed a place for all of our school stuff to call home. At first I had everything in our livingroom but it became almost an impossibility to keep organized and picked up so after much deliberation I moved the boys out of the smallest of the 3 bedrooms we have and put them in the larger bedroom with the girls. Then spent several weeks cleaning, repainting and moving everything in.

Having a separate room in our 1100 sq. ft. home has been a huge blessing. It's not that we do our school in here all of the time but it is all kept in here:) Since first moving in to it I have added another bookshelf, and rearraged a few things but the general feel of it stays the same. As you can see it is also the toy room and the clothes closet for everyone but William.

With the new baby coming I have petitioned my husband and in-laws to put a room into our unfinished basement so I think that will be our project in February. Nothing fancy but very functional.

The kids' BEDroom.

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