Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goals & Ideas for this Next Year

Just as I've been reviewing the past year I've also been looking ahead to this next year.

Are my goals being met?
What are my goals and have they changed?
What do I need to do to meet these goals?

So I guess to start with I should outline what my goals are for my children in their education and daily life.

  • To have a good foundational knowledge and understanding of scripture to help guide and direct them to a closer walk with God.

  • To example to them and lead them past a knowledge in God to a daily vibrant spiritual relationship with our Savior.

  • To example to them and lead them in daily worship & prayer.

  • To work alongside them in memorizing scripture & poetry.

  • To instill the daily habits necessary for maintaining an organized, clean home.

  • To train them in consistent and instant obedience.

  • To create in them a love for knowledge and learning through vibrant characters and stories contained in "living" books.

  • To provide opportunities for growing and developing a love for all of God's creation

  • To instill the daily habit of music practice and learning.

  • To open their world through reading about and praying for missionaries around the world.

I'm sure there is more but these provide me with a good foundation to move forward from. Most all of these are a work in progress at the moment or something that I will be implementing over the next few months.

Next, I need to explore how I will be implementing these in our lives. Many of these goals require self-denial and diligence on my part which is still a struggle unfortunately!

But now that I've written them down I can move ahead to working on them. I have in mind to use a Habit List to help keep me on track and mindful of our progress.

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