Friday, August 22, 2008

Boys will be Boys!!

A few years ago I begged my DH to dig a sand pit for our kids in our backyard. I picked out the perfect spot that would have shade for part of the day so that they wouldn't get too hot while playing. DH graciously went to work on it and dug a humongous 7x7 pit for the kids and then filled it almost full of sand.
And then it rained, and that perfect spot for a sandbox turned out to be the perfect spot for a swimming pool! There is no sand left in the pit but it fills full of water if we get more than one inch of rain, so not to be discouraged my little boys have made their own sandbox. Our driveway!

This pic was taken after Wes got his stitches out but he's so dusty that you can't hardly see it.

It finally happened, the dreaded emergency room visit with a child. O.k. so we've gone a couple of times before but it usually ended up being a simple ear infection so this was our first time with a real emergency with a child.
A couple of weeks ago I moved all 5 of the kids into 1 bedroom so that I could use the boys' old room for a school room. All was going well until one night last Wednesday when Emily and Wesley were goofing around jumping on the girls double bed. David went in to order them to settle down and upon opening the door Wesley took off for his bed, leaped across the 3 ft distance between the beds but forgot to duck and smacked straight into the metal bed railing on the bunk bed.
Thankfully our pastor's wife was able to run over to watch the other kids while we drove to the hospital and 3 stitches, much screaming and crying, and a nice big bill later we are hoping he's learned not to jump from bed to bed......well o.k. we'll settle for him just to have learned to duck.

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