Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer schedule ideas

We are closing in on the school year very fast and although the twins haven't finished their math book I'm not really all that worried about it. I'm planning on stopping daily lessons in the next couple of weeks here so that we can spend the majority of our time in the great outdoors learning everything we can about birds, trees, plants and gardening:)
Since I was dragging tired today (stayed up late talking to my mom) we had a relaxed day and tried out my "school" plan for the summer break. Instead of spending the 1-2 hours inside doing school we took our picnic blanket out back and spread it under the tree and spent our time there.
We have a fairly large backyard and the birds are getting enough used to us that they will come to the bird feeders even while we are out there. The kids snacked on grapes while I read to them about the Blue Jay which we had just seen at the feeder this morning. Later we read a few poems about birds and discussed which ones were our favorites. Emily spent her time digging in the sand box looking for worms (her favorite pastime of late), we also spent some time prepping the garden for planting and then Alissa noticed a Starling flying out from the cover on our propane tank and after some careful investigating we found a nest built in there.
I plan on continuing some relaxed math lessons as well as full phonics lessons throughout our summer break (May, June & July) and hopefully I'll get art lessons pulled together too. I'm also thinking through what I will do with my preschoolers this next year, I've used "Little Hands to heaven" which I like but it moves a tad slow and seems to have a bit too much twaddle in it so I'm trying to put together a loose Charlotee Mason preschool "curriculum" to use with Emily and Wesley. They want so badly to do "school" with their older siblings so I better have a plan or we'll all go crazy.


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