Monday, October 8, 2007

Frogs! Frogs! Frogs! or are they Toads?

Wow, who would have thought that we had so much "nature" right under our feet!

Due to some water issues around the drain in our basement (the sewer backed up ) I begged Daffy to remove a nasty old wall from the area and the result was discovering a whole family of frogs. We grabbed a bucket and Daffy started plucking them off the floor and when it was all said and done we had 13 frogs on our hands.

The kids were in frog heaven! This was the first real encounter the kids had with frogs and they learned a lot as well as got over any fears or shyness they had experienced before, especially Bubbles. After playing and watching for hours, Ollie got slightly bored and decided to dump the contents in the grass so several were lost both times that he did that until only 1 remained.

I took matters into hand at this point to make a habitat for it in the hopes of getting a chance to identify which type of frog or toad it might be and made a dirt, moss, grass, water oasis in a dishpan. But Bubbles was in rapture over this frog and couldn't stand to leave it by itself. She ended up naming it "Sodona" and taking turns with Wendy in carrying "her" around the yard and playing "house" with her. This lasted for about 5 minutes until the frog saw its chance and escaped.

Counting Frogs

Ollie taking charge of the captives

Let's watch them swim

Cheap entertainment

FrogNog on the Rocks

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